Product highlights

"EXPANDER 175 is a clean tech with multiple benefits for the host facility"

  • Clean power – EXPANDER 175 generates emission free power.
  • Economics – EXPANDER 175 creates significant benefits for the host facility/producer. 
  • Efficient – EXPANDER 175 improves the energy efficiency of the reciprocating engine it is coupled to, by approximately 10%.
  • Non interfering - EXPANDER 175 does not interfere with the compressors operation.
  • No water required – The EXPANDER 175 does not require water for condensing. The system has integrated air cooled condensers.
  • Turn key – EXPANDER 175 is a skidded, “plug-and-play” system that GNP can retrofit to a compressor on a “Turn-Key” basis.
  • Versatile – Engine drivers can retrofit to virtually any reciprocating engine.
  • Autonomous – EXPANDER 175 is ready to operate on installation. No operator involvement required.